Type-R CANNON CTR-1465


Type-R CANNON CTR-1465
After more than 3 years of joint development with a carbon fiber specialist Canopus has managed to produce a unique shell construction. An unprecedented carbon snare sound has been born.
By utilizing the strong properties of carbon fiber we have achieved a shell thickness of 2mm. With an innovative reinforcing ring design, and Canopus’ unique edge professing, this drum displays remarkable clarity. Canopus has managed to achieve the optimum sound from this material – similar to the characteristics of a hardwood drum. It displays an intense attack with a low fundamental tone. While, typically, a carbon shell may bring to mind an “unnatural” sound, the CTR-1465 has real depth of sound. It gives a sharp short sustain – but never sounds tight or choked. Its response can handle fast passages with remarkable definition and sound quality.


ASPR black coated snare drum head is only available for Type-R drums. It combines perfectly with 10 lugs to provide a tight and loud sound.