Type-R Drum Kit

Drum Kit

Designed specifically for the Rock genre.

In the modern world trends change rapidly – and this is particularly seen in the music scene.
Musical instruments used to be produced to be used in any kind of genre. But we asked – “should a music instrument necessarily be like that ?”
For instance, in the car market, the sports car was developed for a car racing, 4WD was developed for off-road driving etc.
Thinking along such lines, necessitated that we develop the Type-R drum kit – designed specifically for the Rock genre.
The volume and sound of Rock music is much louder now than when the style was introduced to the world over 50 years ago.
A drum kit that can produce a huge groove and reach the other musicians with maximum projection and presence is vital in the modern Rock world.

Type-R Drum Kit
TT M/BTRT-0710B 7″x10″
M/BTRT-0812B 8″x12″
M/BTRT-0913B 9″x13″
M/BTRT-1014B 10″x14″
FT M/BTRF-1314B 13″x14″
M/BTRF-1516B 15″x16″
M/BTRF-1618B 16″x18″
BD M/BTRB-1722B 17″x22″


EXHAUST 001216 22″BD,16″FT,12″TT
EXHAUST 001316 22″BD,16″FT,13″TT
EXHAUST 121316 22″BD,16″FT,13″TT,12″TT
W EXHAUST 121316 22″BD×2,16″FT,13″TT,12″TT
10ply Maple/Birch Hybrid 8mm
ASPR Black Coated /REMO Clear
Brass Tube
Black Nickel or Chrome