Type-R Drum Kit

Drum Kit

Designed specifically for the Rock genre.

In the modern world trends change rapidly – and this is particularly seen in the music scene.
Musical instruments used to be produced to be used in any kind of genre. But we asked – “should a music instrument necessarily be like that ?”
For instance, in the car market, the sports car was developed for a car racing, 4WD was developed for off-road driving etc.
Thinking along such lines, necessitated that we develop the Type-R drum kit – designed specifically for the Rock genre.
The volume and sound of Rock music is much louder now than when the style was introduced to the world over 50 years ago.
A drum kit that can produce a huge groove and reach the other musicians with maximum projection and presence is vital in the modern Rock world.

Type-R Drum Kit
TT M/BTRT-0710B 7″x10″
M/BTRT-0812B 8″x12″
M/BTRT-0913B 9″x13″
M/BTRT-1014B 10″x14″
FT M/BTRF-1314B 13″x14″
M/BTRF-1516B 15″x16″
M/BTRF-1618B 16″x18″
BD M/BTRB-1722B 17″x22″


EXHAUST 001216 22″BD,16″FT,12″TT
EXHAUST 001316 22″BD,16″FT,13″TT
EXHAUST 121316 22″BD,16″FT,13″TT,12″TT
W EXHAUST 121316 22″BD×2,16″FT,13″TT,12″TT

10ply Maple/Birch Hybrid 8mm
ASPR Black Coated /REMO Clear
Brass Tube
Black Nickel or Chrome



Photos from Instagram

jotanafanador will be playing at the 10th Annual Big Drum Bonanza. This will take place in Los Angeles, California from September 22nd to 25th.
Please visit https://bigdrumbonanza.com for more info!


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jotanafanador had a live concert with romeosantos at the todayshow. If you missed it, you can still catch it on YouTube!

Jotan is playing on his Type-R drum kit!


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